What Is Facebook Advertising: Beginner’s Guide To Facebook Advertising

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Learn step by step process of How to make Facebook Ads and enhance your Facebook Advertising skills.

First of all, before mastering in Facebook Advertising, it is essential to accomplish certain pre-requisites. It shall enhance your effectivity to handle a Facebook Page.

The pre-requisites are as follows:

1. Create your Facebook Page

Create a Facebook Page of your product, brand or service. Facebook allows various categories under which you can create a page. As a result of the creation of a Facebook Page, you will be allowed to target your desired crowd.

2. Build your Website

Next in the process: Create a Website of your product, brand or service. You can learn how to make a basic website by utilising any basic web development portal.

3. Advertising Budget

Allocate a specific amount of funds for Facebook advertising.

4. Creatives and Copy

In order to penetrate to customers through Facebook Advertising, you will need creative images or videos and quality content to attract them. For more info visit SEO Agency in London

If you accomplish these 4 prerequisites, you can progress ahead in Facebook Advertising.

So, let’s know more about Facebook Ads.

Introduction to Facebook Ads:

Speaking about Facebook Ads is endless. However, for our understanding, it is advertising on various areas on Facebook and Instagram. Like, Newsfeed, Right side of home page, audience articles, log out experience and much more.

You would see various Ads on Facebook.com while surfing your newsfeed. Mind you even you can do this for your business after reading this article.

It’s that simple.

Did you even realise that they are Facebook Ads? While you see the post on Facebook and you come across a “sponsored” tag underneath of the Page’s name, consider that to be a Facebook Ad.

Also, it has a button on it. It may showcase some action to be performed. That’s call to action. As a result of a call to action, you would download the app, book your seat, and learn more about the website or offer and many more things.

So, remember that you can spot Facebook ads by paying attention to these 3 things:

1. A “sponsored” tag, below the name of the page

2. Like the page in the top right corner

3. A call-to-action button in the bottom right corner

Now, you can identify how Facebook Ads look like.

Let’s know more about where you can see these Facebook Ads.

On Facebook, you can see these ads in:

A. News Feed

B. Instant Articles

C. In-stream Videos

D. Right columns

While on Instagram you can see these ads in:

A. Feed and

B. Stories

Knowing the placement of the various Ads is especially relevant. Even if you are a business owner, a digital marketer or a beginner. You should get acquainted with the tools which allow you to manage Facebook ads. Facebook Ads Manager and Facebook Power Editor are two options which allow users to manage ads.

So, you can learn more about Facebook Ads Manager and Facebook Power Editor in detail by reading more about it on Facebook Help Center. Facebook Ads Manager is quite simpler to handle, while Facebook Power Editor is generally utilised by agencies across the world to allocate rights to various marketers. Apparently, with the knowledge of Facebook Ads Manager, you can further focus on ‘How to create a Facebook Ad’.

So, let’s learn how to make successful ad campaigns by following these simple steps.

1. Create an Ad

Go to Facebook Ads Manager and you would see a green dialogue box on the right side of the website.

It says ‘Create Advert.’ Click on create advert.

2. Campaign: Determine Your Objective

A campaign is the broadest concept of advertising on Facebook. Under Campaign, you determine your objectives. Objectives are divided into three categories:

Awareness, Consideration and Campaign

– Awareness

Awareness enables brand recognition and generate users’ interest in your product or service.

– Consideration

The objectives under Consideration allow people to start thinking about your business and look for more information about it.

– Conversion

It is because of Conversion, ad sets are targeted to people who may be interested in your business to purchase your product or service.

Know more about ‘How to choose the correct objective for your Facebook Ads’.

3. Create an Ad Set: Targeting

After the campaign, the next level is Ad set. An ad set allows you to target your audience and which type of ad you want to show them. Do you want to show them a video ad, a discount offer, a canvas or a carousel ad? This can be decided here under Ad sets.

Now, when you are targeting your audience, it is really important to focus on the following factors.

Choose precisely who sees your ad, based on hundreds (even thousands) of different factors like:

A• Age

B• Location

C• Gender

D• Language

And also, backed with detailed targeting options on Facebook like:

A. Demographics

B. Interests

C. Behaviours

D. Connections

Study the behaviour of your target audience.

Get an insight of the audience you are targeting.

Segment your target audience as much as you can in order to reach out to a considerable target audience.

If you want to successfully target your audience, learn more about how to target your audience for a successful Facebook ad campaign.

4. Placement and Budget

You have already learnt about Placement of Facebook Ads in our article before. Yet just for a quick revision:

On Facebook, the ads can be seen

News Feed, Instant Articles, In-stream Videos and Right columns of the feed; while, Instagram Ads can be seen in Feed and Instagram Stories.

Next step after placement is Budget and Schedule. The schedule is a self-explanatory concept. Facebook allows you to schedule your Advertisement. However, Budgeting is a key to beat your competitors’ ad on Facebook.

The minimum budget should be INR 100 and you can schedule your ads according to your budget.

5. Bid Amount and Format of Ads

Bid amount is an essential part of budgeting. Facebook Bidding is the key factor for placement of your ads. Every different targeting audience has different bid amount.

It’s like an auction of buying a slot on Facebook. As a result, higher you bid, higher you pay. Always check the suggested bid amount below the box which allows you to decide your bid manually. Learn more about Bidding on Facebook.

Finally, under the campaign, there are ad sets which can have different placements and lastly, there are ads which are the basic aspect of entire Facebook Ads.

You can choose which type of Ad you would like to address your audience.

A. Image

B. Video

C. Carousel

D. Canvas

E. Collection

There are various ad formats available. Every set of Ad format has some or the other rules and regulations. While some focus on image size and resolution, other focus on file size of the video to the format of the ad.

After choosing your ad format, link your Facebook Page. You could also link the Instagram account if you plan to showcase your Ads on Instagram.

Furthermore, preview your ad, add a creative headline, and include a creative image and an attractive copy for the ad.

Make sure you become a king in content as that’s what your viewers will love the most. You can enhance your content writing skills by enrolling for content strategy course.

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