Tata Tiago Facelift Review & Test Drive


Tata Tiago Overview

Tata Tiago has been a great success for the newness in design, features and performance factors. Inculcating the most prominent safety features as standard, Tata has done a good job for the hatchback aspirants. After all, not many cars in the segment would offer you the quality, fit & finish and the urban interiors as the Tiago will. Every bit of material inside the car is of high quality. In fact, the moment you get inside, you will find it miles better than the original Indica The follow-me-home headlamps, reverse parking sensors, anti-lock braking system and dual airbags are featured in this variant. Check car loan for Tata Tiago.

Tata Tiago Exterior & Style

Tata has certainly put a lot of effort on quality and it shows in the exterior design as well. Tiago is a solid build construction as against most of its insubstantial competitors. The proportions of the car are well on point. At the front, the car features hexagonal grille finished in gloss black and chrome outlining. The pulled back headlights blend nicely with the grille. The side profile gives a nice sporty stance with 14-inchers fitting the wheels quite well, while the bold waistline goes in line with the contemporary cars.

At the rear, the car looks unique with spread-out taillights, a gracefully carved out tailgate and black spoiler which gives a sporty touch to the vehicle. Overall, Tata has put a lot of effort in design and leaves nothing to remind us of old Indica.

Tata Tiago Interior & Space

The open spaces are capable of holding only 500ml bottles or soda cans, but they are all easily accessible with everything falling to hand thanks to the angle in which the bottles can be slotted in. However, there is an issue with the storage space just behind the gear lever which is that if you have a tall bottle, you will hit it when you switch the gears to second, fourth or reverse. The glove box is nice and deep with a hidden button for opening and closing, as well as a vent to give you the option of cooling whatever you keep in the glove box.

At 242-litres, the boot is just marginally larger than that of the Maruti Suzuki Celerio, but it has a low and wide loading lip, thus making the process of hauling stuff in and out quite easy. As you can see from the snapshot, there is space for two big backpacks, a screen and for some reason, a safari hat too. In addition to that, there is also a parcel tray for added storage which could be used for common items like tissues boxes, teddy bears and sun shades. However, we do have a grouse with the parcel tray, which is that the hooks and rope are of low quality and are unlikely to survive for very long.

If you have been following my reports then you should, by now have an idea of what it is like to drive and get comfortable behind the wheel. So this time around, we are addressing passenger space. Despite my ‘extended’ length, it is actually quite comfortable in the front passenger seat though I still feel that the seat base could have been a bit longer to provide additional under-thigh support. It’s a better story with the rear seats as you get some decent leg room, even with the seat adjusted to my driving position. For more details on Tata Tiago  visit Icadl2013

Tata Tiago Engine & Gearbox

Here is where the essence of the matter is when it comes to the Tiago AMT. It is offered with a 1.2-litre three-cylinder petrol engine producing 84bhp/114Nm of torque and of course, the five-speed AMT which sends power to the front wheels. Given that the engine remains unchanged in terms of what is on offer, the response feels quite similar to that of the manual powered variants.The back and forth rocking transition commonly associated with earlier Tata AMTs has reduced significantly to the point where at higher speeds it is hardly noticeable. However, lower down you do feel the jerkiness especially when crawling in traffic.

Tata has programmed the gearbox to shift up as quickly as possible to reduce engine load and at the same time increase efficiency. This can be a bit unnerving sometimes as it feels like the engine has moved into coasting mode. However, if you aim for a quick overtake and mash the throttle, the gearbox will drop one or two cogs (depending on how deep your right foot goes) to get you into the meat of the torque band to perform the overtake.

The car runs in City mode on default but unlike the manual variants, this AMT spec car gets a sport mode to access more power on the tap. It allows you to hold the revs for a longer period and build up more steam if required. However, when you hit the redline in sport mode, the system automatically upshifts to the next gear. There is a manual mode which allows you to shift the gear by yourself and this is a useful tool when you want to have some fun on the road or need a bit of engine braking to slow down.

Finally, Tata has also included a creep function which will inch the car forward just a little when you take your foot off the brake. This is a very useful tool when you have to potter around in heavy traffic scenarios. While it would seem like a good idea to use this when you are attempting a hill start, we would advise you to use the parking brake as there is a delay between engage and disengage, which will result in the car free-rolling backwards. Given its diminutive proportions, light steering and relatively slick gearbox, we have always found that the Manual Tiago was great fun to drive. However, to become an automatic Tata has had to trade some of this driving fun for the ease of use that is offered by a two pedal setup.

Tata Tiago Ride & Handling

The suspension setup in the car does its work silently without any complaints. The car is equipped with independent suspension up front and semi-independent at the rear which takes the passengers on bad roads and highways with utmost confidence. The steering wheel of the car is also light which translates into peppy and agile driving experience.Tata’s cars are known for their absorbent ride quality and Tiago is no exception. The hatch glides over bad roads and smartly dismisses small potholes with a little thud without unsettling car’s composure.  For more information on Tata Tiago check AutoZhop.

Tata Tiago Safety & Security

Talking of the braking system, the Tata Tiago is equipped with disc brakes and drum brakes in the front and the rear and comes as standard in all the trims. Additionally, ABS along with EBD, corner stability control, dual airbags and reverse parking sensors are offered as a standard feature across all the variants, including the base XB trims.

Tata Tiago Price in Hyderabad

Tata Tiago On-Road Price in Hyderabad ranges from 5,06,477 to 7,30,921 for variants Tiago Revotron XE and Tiago Revotorq XZ respectively. Tata Tiago is available in 20 variants and 6 colours. Below are details of Tata Tiago variants price in Hyderabad. check for Tiago price in Hyderabad at Tryaldrive.

Tata Tiago Final Word

The Tata Tiago is the only car form the Tata brand which offers numerous features at a very competitive price which makes it a game changer for the brand in the automotive industry. Even the AMT gearbox unit is smooth to drive and does not get any hiccups along the way. Moreover, the car ranks high on fuel efficiency and will save you loads on fuel bills, for sure. Even the automatic transmission variant is equally efficient as the manual, something that is not very common among contemporary cars.

Tata Tiago is offered in five variants such as XB, XE, XM, XT, and XZ. In terms of pricing, Tata Tiago bridges the gap between Nano and Bolt with the base petrol model XB priced at Rs. 3.41 lakh while the diesel variant is available at the price tag of Rs. 4.21 lakh. Its top range model XZ is priced at Rs. 5.24 lakh for petrol and diesel trim is priced at Rs. 6.06 lakh which is also the top-selling model for the Tiago. The company has totally nailed the pricing, giving Tiago an edge over the rivals. With all these attributes, Tata Tiago goes up against the likes of Maruti Suzuki Celerio and Hyundai Grand i10 in the segment.

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