Nissan Micra Hatchback First Look Review


Nissan Micra Overview

Nissan Micra 2018 is primarily an updated version of the hatchback, which gets additional comfort and safety features. There are no changes to the exterior and interior styling. It also retains the same mechanical set-up, which means that it continues featuring the same petrol as well as diesel engines. Transmission choices have also been retained. The Nissan Micra variants include XL and XV trims in manual and CVT options. With the addition of new features, the Nissan Micra price in India receives a slight bump.

Nissan Micra Design

It sure does. With more chrome outlines, it certainly looks more upmarket now. The Micra has also managed to shed its cute appearance somewhat courtesy the design changes – it looks more aggressive and has better street presence too.The changes are mainly centered around the front. The Micra gets a re-profiled bonnet, new front fenders, new headlamps and a more contoured front bumper. The bumper design along with the chrome outlines on the lower grille and the fog lamps surrounds make the car more attractive than before.

The tail lamp design has been tweaked too, but more importantly, these are now LED units and even the stop lamp uses LEDs. The rear bumper is new too. While the tail gate though is the same as the earlier Micra, now gets an additional lip at the bottom which gives the car’s rear end a more wholesome feel.

Nissan Micra Cabin

So that’s the equipment list, but not all’s hunky dory with the Micra. First up and the thing that you notice the most when you get into the driver’s seat is the Nissan logo on the steering wheel – it’s moulded into the plastic instead of being a chrome badge even on the XV, giving the wheel itself a rather tacky look. Then there’s the lack of storage space in the car for knick-knacks – the glove box is located way below on the passenger side and can fit only a few papers and a tiny medical kit. The XV does come with an additional box on top but it isn’t really worth talking about either.

The rear bench on the base XE variant has almost no thigh support and that translates to an uncomfortable ride if you’re going to be sitting there for a while. Oh, and you can very well forget about carrying any bottles in the Micra because there’s no space to keep them – except for the two cup holders that generally get blocked by the gear lever and the lone example between the front seats for the rear passengers.To know more details on Nissan Micra visit Icadl2013

Nissan Micra Performance

No, not really. What you do get though as part of the facelift, is an automatic version which was missing on the earlier car. But, more on that later. First, lets give you a quick revision on what the drivetrain options are. There is the 1.2-litre petrol which makes 76PS of max power at 6,000rpm and is coupled to a 5-speed manual. It’s not the best sounding or the most performance centric or even the most efficient drivetrain in the segment, but it works well for commuting duties in the city thanks a reasonably good torque spread and well spaced out gear ratios.

The other engine option for the new Micra is the 1.5-litre diesel. It is essentially the same diesel engine that does duty under the hood of nearly every Nissan-Renault car sold in the country including the Duster. But, for the Micra it is only tuned to deliver a max power 64PS at 4,000rpm and a peak torque of 160NM that peaks at 2,000rpm. These figures are quite pedestrian even compared to the Micra’s conventional rivals – the Maruti and the Hyundai i20. And the same can be felt in the real world. The car accelerates a lot slower from a standstill compared to its rivals and the drivability leaves something to be desired as well. The only area where the Micra diesel shines, is fuel economy.

Now to the automatic version. Only the petrol version of the car is available in automatic and it is a CVT unit instead of the conventional torque converter found on the Dzire or the more advanced DSG box on the Polo. If driven right, the CVT is capable of delivering fantastic fuel economy benefits, and an indication of that is the new Micra CVT’s ARAI figure which is in fact more than the manual Micra petrol.

Nissan Micra Driving

The CVT isn’t the type of gearbox that’s designed for aggressive driving. It is meant to be driven with a light foot and a relaxed frame of mind. So if you are looking for a fun to drive car, this would be the right time to look elsewhere. However, if your priority is commuting, and a hassle free one at that, the Micra certainly deserves a look in. We aren’t saying it is the best automatic in the segment (at least not till we compare it with its rivals in the real world), but it sure is easy to drive.

The trick here is to keep the revs around the 4,000-4,500rpm mark which results in a quiet cabin, reasonably quick acceleration and decent fuel economy as well. This works especially well on the highways, even if you are driving in a hurry. In the city, it is best to take it easy with the throttle because the right revs and the related shove accompanying it even with the throttle floored always seem to arrive a little too late. The rest of the driving experience – the ride and handling; the steering feel; the braking ability; the visibility – is the same as before. So, the Micra has a comfortable ride at slower speeds, a light steering, and sharp and progressive brakes. The visibility is good too, and now with the height adjustable driver seat even shorter drivers will find it easy to drive.

Nissan Micra Safety

The new Nissan Micra features ventilated disc brakes at the front and drum units at the back. Safety features on the Nissan Micra 2018 include standard dual frontal airbags, driver’s seat belt warning indicator, standard rear parking sensors and speed warning.

Nissan Micra Price in Chennai

Nissan Micra On Road Price is 13,22,258/- and Ex-showroom Price is 5,97,067/- in Chennai. Nissan Micra comes in 6 colours, namely Sunshine Orange,Brick Red,Blade Silver,Storm White,Turqouise Blue,Onyx Black. Nissan Micra comes with FWD with 1198 CC Displacement and 3 Cylinders with Maximum Power 76 bhp@6000 rpm and Peak Torque 104 Nm@4400 rpm DRIVE TRAIN FWD and reaches 100 KMPH at N/A . Nissan Micra comes with Automatic Transmission with FWD .

Nissan Micra Bottomline

We like the cosmetic changes the Micra has received. We like the longer equipment list, and we like the fact that it holds on to its traditional values like ease of driving and good visibility. But, is the Micra now a threat to its competitors? It is, but only as big a threat as it was before. Unless of course Nissan pulls a rabbit put of the hat and prices the new Micra lower than the existing model.

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