How The Lipoma Removal Surgery Is Done



Lipomas are the most common non-cancerous soft tissue growth/lump that form as a result of an overgrowth of fat tissues in a slim, fibrous capsule located beneath the skin. Lipomas are usually very small, soft to the touch, and shaped like a dome.

They can be found anyplace on the body where there are fat cells, such as neck, torso, upper arms, armpits, upper thighs, and there can be one or more lipomas on your skin at the same time.

Being overweight does not cause lipoma, in fact; a minor injury may trigger its growth. Lipomas (also known as lipomata) are fairly common. About 1% of all people will develop a lipoma.

What actually causes lipomas is not completely understood, however there may be tendency to develop them as a result of an inherited faulty gene.

Lipoma Removal Surgery

The procedure for Lipoma removal normally needs local anesthesia only and could be performed in about half an hour, but this depends upon the number and size of the lipomas as well as the method of elimination.

Lipomas can be excised with two Distinct methods:

The Excision Method:

Superficial lipomas are usually removed for several reasons, and therefore, a cosmetically pleasing incision needs to be used.

The incision is usually placed directly on the mass and oriented in order that it’s concealed by natural creases or discoloration in the skin. This improves the aesthetic results.

The skin is incised on the lipoma, and the affected tissue is thoroughly cut apart. Following the full removal of lipoma from beneath the epidermis, the incision will be thoroughly sealed with dissolving sutures.

Full surgical excision of the fibrous capsule and fat cells is particularly recommended to prevent the mass from re-growing. To know more info on Lipoma check Rbts

The dimensions and location of lipomas differ from one patient to another; your surgeon will discuss which technique is most suitable for you.

The Liposuction Method

Liposuction enables the elimination of the lipoma via a small incision.

The incision necessary for liposuction can also be put in a more remote discreet location.

Liposuction is generally used on little facial lipomas because a positive cosmetic result can be obtained through remote incisions.

Liposuction may also be used for medium sized and large lipomas. The drawback to liposuction is that residual fat cells might be left.

This increases the probabilities that the lipoma could regrow. Another drawback is that liposuction doesn’t allow for complete in evaluating the whole tumor.

For big lipomas, the liposuction method allows for a bigger incision. Your plastic surgeon will utilize this incision to secure the growth from the beneath the epidermis.

Though this method is less invasive, it’s more challenging to guarantee the complete elimination of the fatty tissue.

Anaesthesia for Lipoma Surgery

The decision concerning type of anesthesia depends on the dimensions and the location of the lipoma, along with mutual arrangement between surgeon and patient.

Recovery From Lipoma Surgery.

Ordinarily, the person can go home once the process is finished. The Lipoma Removal process is usually finished in a few minutes time.

The restoration period after lipoma removal is dependent upon the dimensions and location of the lipoma. Usually, patients can go back work and resume a light activity following a week.

Patients can return home instantly following their lipoma elimination, but if expect to go back to get a post operative visit to ensure your treatment website is healing correctly.

Whatever the method used to excise the lipoma, a sample is usually sent out to a lab for testing, making sure the fatty tissue isn’t cancerous.

Even though benign lipomas aren’t cancerous, rigorous precautions are constantly made to ensure the security and health of every patient.

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