Datsun GO+ First Drive Review


Datsun GO+ Overview

Nissan brought back the Datsun brand to life few years back and launched the GO and GO+ in India. The entry-level GO hatchback was launched in 2014 while the GO+, which is a compact 7-seater, was launched in early 2015. These Datsun siblings brought in decent sales for Nissan India with the hatchback being more popular. Now, the automaker has given both the cars a mid-life update which makes the overall package much better than before.

Datsun GO+ Exterior & Style

It’s basically a Datsun Go with extra space in the rear and seen head on, it looks exactly like the hatchback. Everything from the hexagonal grille, the V in the bonnet to the wrap-around headlights with metal inserts and the windscreen are the same. There’s the same three-cylinder, all-aluminium 1.2-litre engine with high-tech features like one ignition coil per cylinder, producing 67bhp at 5000rpm and powering this larger car. But it has been tuned to be more responsive.

And then while there’s the identical wheelbase and 155/70 R13 tyres, the suspension has been slightly stiffened to handle the greater weight better. Changes on the estate car like Datsun Go+ from the hatchback start past the rear door. The roofline swoops down and the beltline arcs up to provide a nice effect, and the ‘flick’ on the shoulder looks quite stylish. The hatch at the rear is a fresh design with a slimmer rear windscreen. Where Datsun has really done well is in limiting this mini-MPV’s length to under four metres, which enables it to fit into that crucial category for every carmaker looking to dodge taxation.

Datsun GO+ Interior & Space

The interiors have been given a heavy revision. The dashboard gets a new design which looks more appealing than the older cars. The GO gets a full black layout for the dash while the GO+ gets a dual-tone theme. Fit and finish has improved a lot and so has the quality of materials used in the cabin. The handbrake has been moved to its conventional location. The older GO came with only speakers and a port to mount your phone but now it gets a Blaupunkt touchscreen audio system with Android Auto, Apple CarPlay, Bluetooth, etc. Sound quality is just average though. The USB port has been placed a bit inconveniently below the centre console. To know more info on Datsun GO+  check

Datsun claims that the vehicles come with anti-fatigue seats but honestly the front seats are quite thin and they lack proper support for the under-thigh while support for the back is good. Also the centre console which houses the gear lever is very large and it keeps hitting the knee of the driver and front passenger which gets really annoying because leg space is already very less. The seats aren’t very wide though. The rear seats offer average comfort but knee room is limited, more so when there’s a tall passenger sitting upfront. The GO has enough boot space for a couple of small bags while the GO+ comes with a third row which again has extremely limited space and isn’t suited to full-size adults. With the third row up, boot space in the GO+ is very negligible but with the last row folded, the cargo capacity gets increased drastically.

Datsun GO+ Engine & Gearbox

Despite the same motor churning out the exact same number of horses as in the Go and with an added 20 kilograms to pull, the torque helps the Go+ MPV take off with quite some eagerness. The motor has been re-tuned and made more responsive and, as a result, the Datsun responds when you put your foot down. The Go+ is even comfortable cruising around in a high gear in city traffic. What’s nice is that you don’t even need to go to a lower gear most of the time. heck for SBI car loan at Fincarz.

The gearbox and light clutch work well enough if you work with a firm hand. Other things that make driving easy are the well-metered brakes and the light steering. While the sound insulation is still quite poor with plenty of road and tyre noise filtering in, it is definitely a step ahead of the Go hatchback. Also, if you rev the motor to 5000rpm, it starts to sound quite noisy. It rides well too, the suspension has been upgraded to deal with the greater load at the rear, but it is very pliant and absorbent and really silent when going over rough patches and there isn’t too much pitching or nose-bobbing. It does roll when cornered hard though, owing to the high ground clearance, soft springs and lack of anti-roll bars. And the slim tyres don’t offer too much grip either.

Datsun GO+ Ride & Handling

The suspension set up on the GO is pliant for our roads. The ride isn’t very plush but it is comfy enough unless the roads get really bad. The suspension travel is long and the GO siblings have a significant amount of body roll, which feels even more pronounced in the GO+ and sudden lane changes aren’t confidence inspiring. The steering doesn’t provide much feedback and is kind of vague. Braking performance is also pretty average and pedal doesn’t have a sharp bite. For more information on Datsun GO+  check AutoZhop.

Datsun GO+ Safety & Security

The Datsun GO features safety bits such as driver side airbag, vehicle dynamic control, co-passenger airbag, ABS with EBD and brake assist, rear parking sensors, central locking and driver seatbelt warning as standard across the line-up. It additionally comes with rear washer, rear defogger and rear wiper. Braking power on the entry-level hatchback is derived from disc front brakes and rear drum units.

Datsun GO+ Price in Pune

Datsun Go Plus On-Road Price in Pune ranges from 4,77,136 to 6,88,799 for variants Go Plus D and Go Plus T Optional respectively. Datsun Go Plus is available in 5 variants and 6 colours. Below are details of Datsun Go Plus variants price in Pune. check for Datsun GO+ price in Pune at Tryaldrive.

Datsun GO+ Final Word

While Datsun insists on calling it a seven-seater, the Go+ isn’t exactly a proper one. The third row can only accommodate luggage and can’t really be used to seat anyone (but small children).If you look at it as a five-seater, with a decent amount of luggage space, that makes it more of sense. True, the budget segment treatment by Datsun isn’t very subtle, and could even put off some customers. But if you consider the Rs 4.1 lakh (estimated) price tag (which is only around Rs 30,000 more than the hatchback), this could very well turn out to be a practical and popular five-seater.

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