Free Responsive HTML5 CSS3 Website Templates

Today I’ve got a collection of templates which are totally free and have amazing features like flat design, responsive layout, jQuery sliders etc. Though they are free it doesn’t mean that they are any worse as you can see most of them look like premium ones. Please, enjoy! Capture — Free Bootstrap HTML Template A cool and elegant

Virtual Phone System For Office Purpose In Your Business

If you own or run a company, you will more than likely be familiar with a PBX (private branch exchange) phone system. This local phone network allows your workers/employees access to phone calls while sharing a few external company phone lines or numbers. In other words, customers calling your company’s phone number can be quickly

The Unique Features Of Virtual Receptionist Services Are As Follows

A virtual receptionist is an phrase used in the business sense that refers to an individual who answers phones or performs the duties of an on-site receptionist, but is not actually located at the primary business’s location. Customer service representatives, answering service agents, and even appointment schedulers could all be classified as a virtual receptionist

JavaScript Fatigue Fatigue

“The Universe is under no obligation to make sense to you.” — Neil deGrasse Tyson Yes, JavaScript development is complicated. Yes, it will continue to get more complicated. The web is a complicated place. We are finally getting around to doing all the things we should have been doing all along. As a result, JavaScript tools — and there are

75 of the Smartest Resources for Web Designers

A lot of these lists just cram everything and anything into the lineup. So, we decided to pick our designers’ brains to bring you the best resources that we are using on a daily basis. Feel free to add other useful resources in the comments below 🙂 Images + Video Source: Showbox 1. Showbox Create studio-quality video from your